Time: 0.00
Targets left: 20

Shooting At Things on Mars

The evil Balls of Doom are threatening Mars!!
Luckily, you – Cpt. Awesome – are around to board a BallFighter 2000 (TM) and send them back to Hell.

Shoot at those floating balls and destroy all of 'em – as fast as you can.

Fly around and destroy all balls. There's an indicator on the top showing you the direction and distance to the nearest target – just in case you get lost. On the bottom left you'll find your current thrust, speed and altitude. For controls, scroll down. If you have a gamepad that Chrome recognizes, you should really connect it right now.

- The faster you go, the faster the BallFighter 2000 maneuvers. But if you go too fast, you'll surely crash.
- The higher you fly, the slower you'll get. So, for speed, stay low.

To awesomize gaming experience, enter fullscreen mode:

Ready? Press "P" to play!



Action Mouse/Keyboard Gamepad
Pause/Resume P
Accelerate W Y
Decelerate S A
Fire Cannon Left Mouse Button B
Pitch Mouse Y-Axis Left Stick
Roll Mouse X-Axis Left Stick
Yaw Left A Left Shoulder
Yaw Right D Right Shoulder


This experiment uses Three.js, game-shim , requirejs and decoupled-input

It is an offspring of the Ascent Project, but it also features elements not present in Ascent, such as InfiniteGround, the WebAudio API or PageVisibility API.

The background music is a song called "WipEout (Soundtrack Prototype for an abandoned fan game)" by "Flex Blur" and licensed under a CC license.


This experiment only works in Chrome.


This is an OpenSource experiment, and the code is available on GitHub Feel free to fork, clone or do whatever you like with it. If you have any comments or encounter issues, I'd be thrilled if you could open an issue for that!

Now go ahead, have some fun and shoot at things already!

Jens Arpsjensarps.de